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СoreSearch is a research and development initiative by CoreValue that brings innovation to our Clients while enhancing our internal processes.

Data science research and innovation technologies are powerful instruments to drive value creation in technology-based enterprises.
In order to help you make use of cost effective innovation time, CoreSearch is open to commercial cooperation. Our R&D experts will cut your risk by examining technical feasibility, market exposure and scalability of your new product.

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How You can benefit from CoreSearch R&D services

Translating concept into a mature solution, it is critical to verify business and technical feasibility of the idea and investigate risks. Our R&D expertise helps our clients move rising ambitious ideas forward. Our research capabilities, cross-domain proficiency, and advanced innovative thinking allows for deep understanding of the client’s needs and provide expedited development and improvement of their solution. We can engineer your success.

  • Time-and budget-efficient POCs that help with executive decisions

  • Innovating and satisfying production needs simultaneously

  • Accelerated development process, ramp-up with reusable components

  • Hi-Tech, testing, scalability and stability

  • Wide-ranging technical and non-technical expert pool

  • Proven and tested methodologies, tools, and techniques

  • Deep commitment to results focused on increasing client’s’ ROI

R&D as a Service. Focus areas

We solve real-world problems that impact millions of people in areas such as:

Data Science and BI

We are actively developing data science competence since it is utilized not only in our data-driven solutions, but within a variety of projects, starting from mobile Machine Learning abilities to using Einstein in Salesforce platform, warehousing and data visualization.

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning on big data
  • Image, voice, patterns recognition
  • Industry available Machine Learning services
  • Embedded reporting
  • Big data reporting stack

UX Extenders

User-Systems interaction with rapidly evolving technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, etc is moving from computing revolution to social evolution. New UI/UX potential brought to the market by Mobile devices, digital assistants, fog computing, is a driving force behind digital transformation resulting in superior user experience.

  • AR/VR direction
  • Verbal, gesture communication, mimics and other interface extenders
  • Mobile Machine Learning capabilities
  • Wearable devices, IoT: business domain focused
  • Usability: design, analytics and QA

Software architecture and development optimization

This area covers new tendencies in software development and the smooth implementation of the industry standards.

  • Serverless and backendless
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Business domain trainings
  • DevOps
  • Applications benchmarking and monitoring

And many more

  • Salesforce modules and reusable components
  • Distributed ledger applications
  • Proprietary products
  • Standards & Regulations

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Concept and process

We apply our proven technology research and development methods and processes to transform the initial vision and concept into a viable real-world solution, ensuring the product is tailored to your business type:

We conduct a feasibility study of the idea through elaboration, visualization and risk assessment.
Implementation and testing
We provide a flexible, well-motivated implementation process performed by mature engineers who evaluate the business problem, define business goals and opportunities, and enhance product ideation.
We create a Proof of Concept or MVP, prototypes, mockups, click-through models or any other methodology that will stimulate a future solution or product that is viable, reusable and legally protected as an outcome of the research and development project.

Our goals and objectives

CoreSearch ensures comprehensive R&D efficiency of utmost quality. All of our delivered solutions from concept through established procedures are led by best-in-class information technology stack architects and engineers. Our research and development expertise can help connect diversified parts of a company’s strategy and business plan, such as marketing and cost management for better performance and overall efficiency. Here’s how we do it.

  • Extend and increase the quality of our services by tracking the global information technology landscape and tendencies, and apply them to targeted business domains to bring more value to our Clients, e.g., virtual reality, machine learning, robotics, etc.
  • Forestall market demand by tracking local business domain technology, legacy and compliance changes, e.g., new standards, approaches, security regulations, etc.


  • Improve software development processes to increase cost effectiveness, e.g., new frameworks, new testing/development approaches, new tools and libraries, current research trends, reuse of our own components, etc.
  • Improve media presence through high quality technology research, publications and conference presentations to increase our brand awareness.
  • Develop legal instruments to protect methodologies, scientific and technology research, home-grown technology and tools.
  • Systemize and organize technology expertise.

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Who is this for

  • Businesses that want to increase market participation or penetrate new product areas to get measurable results.
  • Enterprises that seek knowledge to develop, design and enhance their products, services, information technologies or processes.
  • Research and development market leaders seeking resources with the right level of expertise.
  • Businesses with the need for scientific and engineering resources to turn their innovative concept into a real business solution.

Our Domain Expertise

For more than a decade within the area of innovative research and development, CoreValue has been and continues to be a one-stop shop for R&D services for enterprises, mid-size clients, startups, and established product companies. With accumulated project knowledge and experience with our many global client, we have helped enterprises follow or stay ahead of market trends, increase impact and remain relevant.


Gain a competitive advantage and reduce your time to market with CoreValue domain-led expert technology solutions!

R&D in action

AR Office Guide

App Idea
When a new employee comes to work, the right people are not always available to guide them through the office, and show them what they need to know. But orientation can still be facilitated through the use of a mobile device (or Hololens) that can extend walls and floors with useful statistics, geo-spotted 3D infographics, and pointers to the various office facilities.

To use Google Tango/ ARCore + Unity3D

We deliver innovation.

CoreValue is a one stop-shop for tech R&D outsourcing based in Europe, including Ukraine and Poland.

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