SAFe. Executive Roundtable: an Insider’s Look
October 3, 2018

SAFe. Executive Roundtable: an Insider’s Look

Recently our Head of Account Management Kostiantyn Polosukhin attended the Executive Roundtable Luncheon held by i4Group in Plano, TX, USA. The luncheon is a panel discussion event from change leaders in organizations like AT&T, Bank of America, AmeriesourceBergen and Thomas Reuters. The format of provoking discussions around the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) adoption in practical environment provides in-depth thinking around nuances of real-life challenges and the ways to overcome them, learn from each other.

Kostiantyn found a minute to share his impressions.

What was the purpose of the event?

This was a great event. The quarterly organized event, by i4Group, fits a specific niche and is really essential, as it leads to deeper insight, with a specific focus for enterprisers and practitioners on SAFe adoption in their organization. When SAFe is adopted it leads to a massive transformation of culture and practice which, as a result, leads to business improvements. So here, at this particular event, on September 27th, 2018, there was an exceptional panel from companies around the Texas area. The initial purpose was to learn, get in-depth experience, follow the best practices of SAFe in order to bring consistent education for CoreValue PMO and Leadership. Of course, there were plenty of networking opportunities.

What were the key topics during the panel discussions?

During the luncheon panel discussions, we shared success stories and pain points, challenges and the organizational impact, transformational path.

We focused on the impact of the adoption of SAFe where the traditional non-SAFe roles fit in, advance company’s business on multiple levels – from team to program and portfolio.

What is so special about the event?

The significance of this event is that it’s really unique in its approach. You basically have a chance to have casual conversations with about 20 people rather than at a big crowdy event, where you are all in a rush to see and hear everything. It is also a particularly innovative and proactive step by Charles Maddox, who basically leads this initiative.

We, at CoreValue are working on bringing industry standard education and certification to the upper scaled level in order for our services to be aligned and compliant with our current and future clients’ needs.

What is your take on the event? Any exciting details?

What I found awesome about this event is that a value proposition is led to by how we find a value in our particular services.

You know Taxas hospitality! A great host with first-rate insight made it all a really exciting moment. The exposure that we had was also wonderful. We had every possibility to share our opinion on particular things and especially from the consultancy perspective, which we are in.

What’s next for CoreValue in terms of SAFe adoption?

Having our engineers, managers, team leadership and subject matter experts to learn, understand and adopt these practices, to be ready to provide a supreme service in such lean, transparent environments and help our client grow in its business and culture improvement. That’s why we see continuous improvement in customer care as a direction for us. We do realize the value of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) at scale and in particular cases of business alignment with tech initiatives.




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