Salesforce makes it even easier to create branded apps
November 24, 2017

Salesforce makes it even easier to create branded apps

Even though years have passed since the introduction of Salesforce1 Lightning, it is as vital as ever to use viable instruments for mobile app development.

A short review: Salesforce1 was launched by as the most, innovative connected mobile cloud platform of its kind with focus on sales, service and marketing apps. In its way, Lightning enabled even closer connection between developers and admins. Development became quicker, releases were faster, and the platform was unique to each individual.

Salesforce built the Salesforce1 mobile app using the Lightning framework  before opening it up for everyone to build their own apps to include Salesforce1 mobile app. At that time, Lightning was built on top of the Salesforce1 Platform. The key advantage was that developers could build components instead of building apps from scratch. This meant developers could go faster and reuse components to help everyone in the entire ecosystem go faster.

It also meant that everything ever done on the Platform could leverage Lightning.

With mobile continuing to be a an ever-hot topic in the development world, Salesforce has launched a new mobile app development service. Why is it important for end-users? What’s so special about it? Let’s have a look.

With a perfect understanding of business mobility needs, Salesforce introduced a new platform service at the DreamForce ’17 conference in November.  MySalesforce is specifically designed to help business users build branded mobile applications that can be offered on the App Store and Google Play.  It is an aspect of the updated Lightning framework with new customized tools and services, and will be available for the widest audience of Salesforce Platform customers, including the Cloud (Service, Sales, Community).

MySalesforce opens up a host of possibilities for your company:

  • Stay connected with all employees across every department through the development of interesting, branded mobile apps that targeted for every branch of the enterprise.
  • Personalize the mobile app with tailored corporate elements, colors and visuals for the look and feel of the company’s branding.
  • Customize and update the application with prompt push to user mobile phones, tablets or watches in order to improve user experience.  Salesforce promises automatic upgrades without breaking customization options.
  • List your app on the AppStore and Google Play much quicker thanks to an easy to use new tool, Listing Wizard, which also tests beta versions and configures the app before submitting for approval.

What are the top reasons for introducing mySalesforce for everyday use?

The company boasts that it is personalized, intelligent and secure for every device, starting from phones and tablets right up to watches. It can be used for sales team performance orchestration, synchronized customer service, HR department workflow optimization, and many more uses.

With this platform service, business users can build and deploy a branded app on mobile with minimum effort, due in large part to its low-code app development tool.

mySalesforce apps are created with the help of the Salesforce Lightning App Builder, which provides drag-and-drop development library tools and configurable components, such as task managers and dashboards.

mySalesforce promises to reduce effort and cost for developing enterprise mobile apps.

Our CoreValue Salesforce team is already eager to utilize the tool. We will keep you posted with our latest impressions.




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