Salesforce and MapAnything: A great promise of happily ever after
May 2, 2019

Salesforce and MapAnything: A great promise of happily ever after

Gartner reports that CRM is the top priority investment for IT today, and in the years to come. The benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for sales, marketing, and customer service are being recognized by an ever increasing number of businesses.

Salesforce, one of the leading players in the CRM market, announced the acquisition of the company MapAnything. This startup’s unique Location-of-Things solution is specifically designed for service teams, sales, and fleet management to help businesses streamline their operations. Their partnership spans a couple of years already. MapAnything’s modern intelligence software was originally built on the Salesforce platform. The company is a Salesforce SI Partner and an ISV Premier Partner and their product is distributed through the Salesforce AppExchange.

According to Salesforce, with MapAnything, the platform will be uniquely positioned to extend the power of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to deliver superior location-based intelligence solutions that improve field sales and service employee productivity, as well as deliver customer success.

MapAnything was founded in 2009, and has been successfully moving up in the market, and today, reportedly, has over 1,900 customer portfolios. Once they will officially become a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, the customer list of the startup is predicted to grow expeditiously. The mobile-optimized platform’s core offerings include Map-based Visualization, a Location of Things Platform, a Route & Schedule Optimization Engine, CRM Integration, and Live GPS Tracking.

John Stewart, CEO & Co-Founder of MapAnything shared, “The addition of MapAnything to Salesforce will help the world’s leading brands accurately plan: how many people they need, where to put them, how to make them as productive as possible, how to track what’s being done in real time and what they can learn to improve going forward.”

The latest developments of the MapAnything mobile-ready platform simplify the visualization of CRM and custom data on maps for field sales and service reps even further, so that they can spend more time with customers and prospects instead of processing routine activities, driving, or territory planning. The suite:

  • Accelerates sales productivity by offering mobile map-centric visualization of Salesforce data and scaled geo-analytics, and prioritization of accounts & prospects based on their Pardot Score, Einstein Score, revenue potential, scheduling and routing engine, etc.
  • Automates a field rep’s activity tracking with mobile data capture, a CRM-focused vehicle, and asset tracking with geofencing capabilities and alerts in real-time.
  • Manages business internal processes with a 360° view of the team due to territory management with an optimization engine, team safety tracking information, customers’ notification, etc.

So the cooperation is a perfect match promising an even better customer experience and upscaling their life even more.

CoreValue, as a Registered Salesforce partner, helps enterprises get measurable business outcomes with CRM development and implementation services. We believe the acquisition of MapAnything is a real enabler to the next step in Salesforce constant involvement in the market, with the customer in the center.




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