Salesforce marketing cloud experience

CoreValue has built a web plugin within the Marketing Cloud environment to extend Marketing Cloud’s functionality. In order to accelerate the routine marketing and sales processes, our solution enables the user to choose custom options automatically. The advantage of our application is a custom UI with data extensions that include

  • a wrapper for Journey builder,
  • a segmentation tool,
  • multi-addressing,  
  • one-off email management,
  • topic hierarchy, and
  • custom activities for Journey with multi-channel communication.

Simplification of the Journey wizard shortened the creation process of one customer’s journey to just a few clicks. The process is faster, easier and much more productive.  
Another beneficial feature of the solution was the customization of native Connector. This enabled bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud objects, e.g., Campaigns, Surveys, Content, Statistics, Analytics, etc. Now the user can quickly utilize Marketing Cloud to the fullest. The app is featured at HubExchange.