Salesforce Marketing in the Cloud

 Maximizing Profitability with Salesforce Marketing Automation 

CoreValue implements custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud that helps businesses make smarter data-based decisions, as well as close deals through multi-channel communication.

We customize Marketing Cloud’s extensive functionalities to deliver a solution tied perfectly to your needs

Journey Builder
Audience Builder
Content Builder
Marketing Cloud Connect
Analytics Builder

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation and Integration Services

Our team of experienced Salesforce Marketing Cloud architects and developers will analyze your systems, processes and requirements to produce a strategic outline with a detailed step-by-step development plan. Their recommendations may include:

  • Marketing Automation. 
  • Sales, Marketing and other 3rd party systems integration. 
  • Marketing and Sales analytics/dashboards/reporting.
  • User experience enhancement.
  • Custom HubExchange apps creation.

Through the integration of Marketing Cloud with various marketing, sales, analytic or AI software, we guarantee smooth data flows, bi-directional synchronization, and full utilization of your data marketing power.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we can help create a seamless marketing and sales experience for every client. The following best practices show how  enterprises make business critical decisions and stay in control through skillfully applied Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Comprehensive marketing system for cross-channel communication

CoreValue built a HubExchange app within the Marketing Cloud environment to enrich the existing functionalities. As a result, user experience (UX) was improved and multi-channel communication extended with new channels, such as direct mail, fax, etc.

Customization of native Connector enabled bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud objects (Campaigns, Surveys, Content, Statistics, Analytics, etc). 

 Simplification of the Journey wizard shortened the creation process of a customer journey to fewer clicks. The process is faster, easier and much more productive. 

Customization of the Segmentation tool enhances the way the client communicates with its users through multiple sources based on their behavior.


Take the next step with CoreValue and implement an effective Salesforce solution for your business!



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