Salesforce Summer School at CoreValue
June 12, 2018

Salesforce Summer School at CoreValue

Why should you enroll?

A couple of days ago a friend asked me whether it was worth applying to Salesforce Summer School at CoreValue. It took me less than a second to reply, “Definitely Yes!”

So what is Salesforce Summer School and what’s in it for you?

What is Salesforce Summer School by CoreValue?

This program by CoreValue, a leading platform vendor and a Salesforce Registered partner, includes a training course, lectures and practical tasks in a real-time environment. The one-month course is designed for those who would like to plunge into working with the global Cloud-based CRM platform.

What’s in it for you?

  • You have an opportunity to learn on-site from experts and professionals.
  • You become an integral part of real-life projects working alongside your colleagues.
  • You can be rewarded for hard work through an opportunity for a future Salesforce career with competitive salary.
  • You will network and work with other IT and software engineers.
  • It’s absolutely free!

And that picture below? That’s the new course starting!

CoreValue Salesforce school


 Why do we at CoreValue love Salesforce?

The platform is all about innovation and the best possible customer experience. It’s about reliability and forward-thinking.  Here are some other reasons.

  • Development on the Salesforce Platform is much easier as it requires a particular set of tools to perform code, version management, and continuous integration.
  • The Salesforce community is outstanding and it’s an superb IT environment with equality as a core value.
  • The platform offers its native languages – Apex and Visualforce – running directly on the platform, thus sparing extra work for complex configurations and robust  code management.
  • New tri-annual releases of Salesforce Platform provide advantageous features for immediate development and deployment.
  • Lightning Experience with the Lightning Design System help build an advanced modern UI with less effort.
  • All  the new features and advancements for developed on Salesforce Platform applications are enabled by configuration settings.

CoreValue Salesforce team


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