CoreValue in Amsterdam-New York- London-Paris
June 7, 2018

CoreValue in Amsterdam-New York- London-Paris

Chat with Igor Kruglyak, President, CoreValue
The Salesforce World Tour 2018 is the place to be for those businesses who want to stay on top of their game. With our substantial experience in the marketplace, CoreValue is more than ready to participate in events of this scale, and the World Tour provided us the opportunity to be a first time sponsor. It takes long and careful preparation, but we have excellent case studies to exhibit as well as our own products, which we are really keen to share with old friends and other industry leaders in Amsterdam, New York, London and Paris. Igor Kruglyak, President of CoreValue sat down for a brief interview to share thoughts and reactions to the event.

Why did you choose to participate in Salesforce Tour this year?
I visited several world tour events: Amsterdam, New York and London and our team also visited Paris. We have done it for two reasons. First of all, we wanted CoreValue to be visible and to be present for current and potential customers. We also wanted to see and participate in the latest information releases by Salesforce with regard to their initiatives in Marketing Cloud, Business Intelligence, and the whole new concept of Trailblazers. So, it was both commercial and educational, as well as an opportunity to reconnect with some of my old friends and people I worked before on different continents.

What is so special about the event?
This is a community event, so you get to interact with it. It’s not particularly sales focused, although, of course, we all are there for commercial value. It exposes you to other things that are related to what Salesforce is doing in terms of social awareness, equality, supporting immigrant and the refugee community. It also highlights kids, and especially girls’ ability to learn computer science and coding. Overall, it left you with very positive emotions with regard to the world and contributions to the success.

Was it worth it? That is, so much effort, time and lots of travelling?
I am used to travel. It wasn’t tiring. The full extent of whether or not it was cost-effective will become known during this year as we convert the opportunities that came our way into new business. On a personal level, as I mentioned, reconnecting with some of the people I had not seen in a very long time was certainly worth it. Gaining exposure to key marketing and sales messages is also important. Overall, I would think at the end it will be a positive experience both for the company and myself.

Do you have any further plans for the next Salesforce events?
Yes, we are considering Salesforce World Tour Denmark, the event is later in the year, and I am also hoping that I’ll find time to visit Dreamforce in San Francisco in September. We also have a plan to send several of our developers to attend Dreamforce for the purposes of improving their skills and learning new things.


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