5 - Simplified Handling of Significant Data Volumes

Simplified Handling of Significant Data Volumes


Telecommunication and media company


The client faced the challenge of continuously downloading and evaluating huge quantities of data from their customer activities across a spectrum of services and equipment provided by their company. With lots of metrics, applications and high performance systems, keeping track of overall performance was a hard task. Due to the complexity and quantity of data processed daily, challenges in data processing often led to missed service level agreements (SLAs), impacting their inability to understand and support their customers. It was critical for the client to establish effective data management and consistent reporting for all data sources.


CoreValue delivered a 360-degree view of System Performance Data including data collection, data processing, data modeling/thresholds identification, anomaly notifications/alarms and data visualization/reporting.

As the first step, CoreValue’s Data Science team suggested a number of enhancements to the overall data environment and targeted specific trouble spots within the environment. Working in close cooperation with the client’s team, data quality control and data visualization reports were quickly created to help identify problem areas. After proving the value of the generated reports, CoreValue created several models in R to proactively predict potential data issues and data quality challenges.

  • User Consumption Behavioral Analysis and Clustering
  • Reports KPI Metrics and Visualization
  • Time Series Analysis (Prediction, Anomaly Detection)
  • Logs Analysis and Feature Ranking