October 2, 2013

Social2B International and CoreValue Digital Merge to Form CoreDigitalWorks

NEW YORK – October 2, 2013

CoreDigitalWorks will launch products and solutions in the area of content management and distribution, mobile and gamification solutions, and Enterprise digital enablement.

Social2B International, an Enterprise Social Media Marketing, Consulting, and Product Development consultancy, announced today that it will be merging with CoreValue Digital, a division of CoreValue Services, an international product development and IT services company with products in the area of digital, social, and mobile computing, to launch CoreDigitalWorks, developing products and digital solutions in the area of Content Marketing and Management, Digital Media enablement for the Enterprise, and industry specific digital, mobile and social media solutions.

“Our goal is to combine Social2B’s expertise in scalable social media marketing and lead activation with CoreValue’s digital practice capabilities, delivering Enterprise content, rich media, mobile development, e-Commerce, and social media integration solutions, and e-commerce solutions,” explained Alex Romanovich, Founder of Social2B International, and newly appointed Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer of CoreDigitalWorks. “One of the biggest differentiations that’s needed now is industry specific solution, digitally enabling the Enterprise – specifically related to content management, integration, and scalability. The days of Digital 101 are over and brands need sound, innovative and flexible solutions in the above categories.”

Mobile and Social Enterprise is maturing, and scalability is becoming a key factor. CoreDigitalWorks will leverage new advances in social and digital media, mobile apps, and business intelligence to bring cutting edge technology to the market. The most recent Appcelerator survey of 804 Enterprise companies showed that the Enterprise is still confused about the ownership of digital and mobile initiatives – many apps are ‘bodiless’ and need to be better integrated with Legacy applications and data. Gone are the days of Wintel monopoly as well – more than 62% of the Enterprises are deploying and managing more than 3 operating systems with more than 75% of respondents interested in building iPhone and Android Enterprise wide apps.

CoreDigitalWorks will combine the expertise in industry segments such as Pharma, Professional Services (Legal, Real Estate, Accounting, etc.), Financial Services, Media and Technology, with the ability to develop digital (mobile, content, social and business intelligence) products and solutions tailored to each of these industries. Studies show that in the healthcare industry alone, not only are consumers taking advantage of smartphones and social media to manage and improve their own health, but healthcare professionals are taking advantage of the mobile technology as well; a significant number (15%) of mHealth applications are primarily designed for healthcare professionals. CoreDigitalWorks will bring new products and services to the market for these industries in the near future, reflecting the need for highly scalable, secure, and proven products and solutions in mobile, social and game development segments across the board.

“With Social2B, CoreDigitalWorks will expand our capacities in the social space and create a more integrated experience between the marketing, mobile, gaming, and social spheres,” said Igor Kruglyak, President/CEO of CoreValue Services and newly appointed CIO of CoreDigitalWorks.

CoreDigitalWorks products and solutions will include CoreContent, CoreMobile, CoreSocial, and CoreGames components, making it easy for the Enterprise to add digital and social capabilities to their existing marketing and technology architecture. CoreDigitalWorks already borrows success from a newly repackaged CoreConductor business rules engine, which will be easily leveraged by CoreMobile, as a rapid development and deployment environment for mobile applications with Enterprise Data integration.

“With our marketing strategy and Enterprise solutions experience and mastery of the IT and product development market, CoreDigitalWorks is well positioned to become a leading provider of products and digital solutions at the intersection of marketing and technology. There is a lot of opportunity right now to make great progress in digital solutions for varied industries, and we look forward to establishing CoreDigitalWorks a ‘digital destination’ for simplified and well integrated Enterprise products in mobile, social, content management and gamification space,” stated Alex Romanovich, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer for CoreDigitalWorks.

About CoreDigitalWorks

CoreDigitalWorks was launched specifically to serve the needs of the Marketing and Digital Media professionals, at the intersection of Marketing, Technology, and trackable results. Getting the most efficient digital solution is always a challenge with myriad of choices in platforms, services offerings, and products. CoreDigitalWorks is a digital product and solutions company, which develops and deploys digital content-based solutions at the intersection of Digital Content Development and Management – independent of the target audience and physical device. The flagship product from CoreDigitalWorks is CoreContent, which enables content managers and creators to distribute content to any device, at any time, and to any user group. CoreContent is supported by sister products: CoreConductor, CoreSocial, and CoreGames.

About CoreValue Services

CoreValue Services (www.thecsvi.com) is an international IT services and outsourcing company with expertise in a wide variety of fields. CoreValue develops custom-engineered IT solutions, provide support for them, and offer business-process outsourcing. CoreValue streamlines the Application Development, Deployment and Implementation processes across the leading edge technologies to maximize clients’ “CoreValue” creation through providing orchestration solutions that enable, improve and automate the complex process of data, work and transaction flows of key business functions and systems. CoreValue leverages diverse and deep technical, business and managerial knowledge to serve our customers. This knowledge comes from extensive project experience in a wide range of fields, including intellectual property management, consumer real estate, EDC systems in clinical research, and many others.

About Social2B

Social2B (https://social2b.com) is an Enterprise Social Media Marketing, Consulting, and Product Development team of top industry professionals, dedicated to helping B2C and B2B clients leverage the explosive growth of social media marketing. Social2B creates solutions at the intersection of marketing, technology, and social media that drive client engagement, conversion and bottom line results, backed by unique metrics, measurement and campaign management methodologies. Social2B advises Enterprise clients on social media maturity and scalability issues, social value chain optimization strategies, while helping them build the appropriate social media infrastructure and integration points.




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