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Enterprise Content Orchestration Solution by CoreValue

CoreValue is a software development company that builds and deploys solutions at the intersection of Mobile Digital Content Development and Delivery.

Our flagship product, CoreContent, bridges content management systems to mobile devices, and enables timely and targeted content delivery. With paramount focus on usability and security compliance, our mobile content delivery system facilitates robust communication control, and enables instant updates of business-related information.

What Is It?

CoreContent is a content orchestration and distribution platform that centrally manages deployment of any content to mobile devices in a BYOD arrangement. It stages, packages and delivers content to subscribed devices using a variety of subscription models, and Cloud-based distribution policy administration platform.

CoreContent - what is it

CoreContent Key Features

CoreContent categorizes subscribers into groups for more effective management and easy distribution of content, content packages and applications.

Content effectiveness

CoreContent can help you develop programs and strategies for distribution of on-the-go, real-time content for your subscribers that will enhance workflow, productivity and effectiveness.

CoreContent targets and manages content distribution for sales and marketing, media, internal communication, e-learning, professional events industries, and more. Our product differs from similar solutions by:

  • Pushing targeted content vs. pulling selected content.
  • Enhancing content security.
  • Content usage analytics.
  • HTML5 apps support as a separate content type.
  • Interactive content.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Offline mode support.

With CoreContent you can

  • Produce a different user experience for particular scenarios with the help of branded and shared apps with customizable skins.
  • Apply targeted delivery to specific users or user groups based on subscription parameters or company policy.
  • Deliver content via social networks for quick brand promotion or product info sharing.
  • Deliver content based on current user geo presence so that the subscriber can receive nearby offers and notes being offers in a particular location.
  • Deliver content to a target social audience selected by age, interests, occupation or education.

Application areas

  • CoreContent was created specifically for internal sharing of targeted company information, resulting in more structured and engaged communication. Multiple clients have used CoreContent as a shell (ready-to-go environment) for strengthening (development and delivery) their own mobile apps for Healthcare, Pharma, Media and Financial industries.
  • A healthcare client utilizes the customized gamification feature of the system for e-Learning, interaction and results monitoring purposes.
  • The  has been applied inside an IT company to exchange real-time data between departments and engage in active two-way communication.
  • A Pharma and Media company employs customized features of the system for targeted content distribution and analysis at networking events and conferences.
  • A financial institution used the application for continuous alerts to employees regarding mission-critical stock and other financial data.

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CoreContent contains the following components:

  • Content Management

    Allows content manager to prepare and manage content packages, as well as associate content with subscribers.

  • Administrative

    Allows content management and activity monitoring for users and subscribers.

  • Content

    The database that stores the content.

  • Registration Info

    The database that stores the subscriber’s registration info and their social network activity.

  • Content Delivery Web

    The web service that is responsible for delivering the content to subscribers’ devices.

  • Event Hub

    The service that receives events from different parts of the system and sends them to third-party event subscribers.

  • SNI (Social Network
    Integration) Server

    Provides connectivity between the registration info and social networks.

CoreContent - architecture

CoreContent Mobile Application

CoreMobile is an integrated mobile application with branding capabilities, extending the value of CoreContent orchestration platform to Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD).

With explosion of connected “smart” devices viewing mobile content became a norm and tailoring communications for mobile platforms has become more important than ever. The mobile market is expanding. Smartphone users on-the-go are highly demanding: they require content specifically tailored to their needs, which is easy-to-browse and relevant to their search. In order for your organization to stay on top of mobility and content relevancy you are bound to respond to the modern customer’s demands.

CoreMobile Features

CoreValue differentiating factors are directly tied to many industry pain points in the area of EMM. We are addressing these challenges with simple, easy to use, and highly scalable and secure functions and features of the solution set.

  • Ability to deliver, to distribute and to control mobile content at the Enterprise level on any device (BYOD Bring Your Own Device).
  • Ability to gauge (measure, report, and analyze) the performance and effectiveness of Enterprise based mobile content for field sales, service and advisory personnel.
  • Determining what mobile content should be delivered to particular target audience in–relevant content delivery according to on policy-based decisions.
  • Define and deploy access and security level controls for applications and content, based on roles, employment status, security access clearance, regulatory compliance, and behavioral aspects.
  • Integrate with the existing content management system (CMS), social media and business intelligence platforms.

A single content provider can mix different subscription models and have multiple apps for multiple brands. And since our mobile application is a white-label product (CoreMobile), each can have its own branding (a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service) applied and be customized up to one’s desire.

The content distributed to user devices can be managed from the CoreContent server, and with lifetime and usage rules applied. Users will be able to share the content inside the system and with the outside world.

CoreContent Featured Image

Clients Say

Jason Michael
Group Product Manager - Poppin
"Our CoreValue team is a seamless extension of our team in New York. We have been very happy with the quality of work and the ownership the team has taken in what we are building. Having a regionally distributed team is never the easiest, but the team continues to come through for us time and time again."
Gianna Scorsone
SVP, Marketing and Sales Operations - Mondo
“We've partnered with Corevalue for nearly a decade. As our organization has scaled, so has our delegation and variety of work to them. Having their managed service at hand has enabled strong tech advancements for us in every department, which has propelled us forward against our competitors. Without them, it would be impossible to achieve the innovation we have implemented.”
Michael Hancock
VP Engineering - JudoPayments
“Corevalue are attentive to detail, they require minimal management and the quality of output is as high as in-house developers. Working alongside them has been a pleasure and I look forward to a continued partnership.”
Allan Fraser
Director of Information Technology - Milrose
"After working with Core Value for over Four (4) Years now, we have found the collaboration to be a very positive experience. Their team is always knowledgeable and professional, and their services, especially in the areas of development and Q.A., have allowed us to utilize the latest technologies to totally transform our business."
Medical Market Management
David Koplovitz
Chief Technology Officer - M3Health
"CoreValue was a great partner. In the three years I partnered with CoreValue on no less than four project​s​ for three separate companies. I was always impressed with their employees professionalism and focus on excellence. I did not view them as vendors, but as teammates."
Johann Risser
Head of Alliances & Partnership - SimpliField
"We were looking for a company that can become a real partner in our adventure and co-construct this next generation retail execution app. Someone who could offer in-depth expertise, help us develop a strategy, guide us in the complex architectural choices and be a trusted advisor in a long-term. And we were happy to have found this type of partnership with CoreValue."
Kimball Felix
Chief Executive - ThreeAndMore
"ThreeAndMore has found a strong, reliable and strategic partner in Corevalue to design, develop and support its GDPR compliant member management platform. Corevalue’s knowledge of large transactional platforms built on Microsoft technologies has proven to be a key asset to our company’s evolution. And we look forward to strengthen this relationship further to help us become the leading member management platform in Europe."
Health Decisions
Bryan Minihan
Chief Technology Officer of Health Decisions
“CoreValue has a structured approach. They’ve helped us shift our validation. It is always nice when you have people that are impassioned and focused on achieving specific tasks, and they understand how to work together coherently.”
Ron Maturo
Head of Communications - Rolls-Royce Energy
"We were faced with a challenge to communicate with our employees and needed a tablet solution, and needed it quickly. CoreValue was able to build a proof of concept and then quickly transition it to prototype and phase I implementation. I recommend the CoreValue Mobile QuickStart to organizations that need to build confidence in mobile solutions."

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