Comprehensive Data Solutions by CoreValue

Comprehensive Data Solutions by CoreValue

CoreValue offers data services and expertise which includes storage, organization and optimization, analytics and machine-learning algorithms. We, as a data services company can guide you and assist you with a variety of industry solutions for both large and small private enterprises, such as exploratory data analysis, database management, building prediction models, creation of complete decision support systems, data-driven products and much more, including comprehensive research and finding the right technology to power it all.

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Data Powered Applications

CoreValue builds enterprise and consumer-facing innovative technical solutions that leverage Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing techniques. These apps provide data enhancement and offer business deep contextual insights into making critical, time-sensitive decisions, such as when to begin a journey and which customers should be prodded to take it. A well-tailored data-powered software enhances the efficiency of direct marketing, that leads to sales and revenue growth.

What it takes to build a Data Powered App

  1. Begin by applying ordinary logic that goes into building any other traditional software, but with predictive analytics in mind.
  2. Since data management platforms which are currently in use today are not out-of-the-box solutions, pay particular attention to:
    • Entity disambiguation,
    • The analysis of data quality,
    • Detection of anomalies.
  3. Take advantage of both the paid and top open source solutions of the next generation application frameworks.

CoreValue has been effectively implementing similar solutions for our clients in Salesforce Cloud through Salesforce Einstein, the Cloud artificial intelligence (AI) tool.

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Data Services with Data Science at the heart

Data Services combine knowledge from different areas to help design efficient data-driven innovative solutions for customers.

It is essential to combine machine learning models with advanced methods of prescriptive modeling in order to enhance the comprehensive process of decision making. Some of the necessary steps here include the application of capabilities such as fast visual modeling, the preparation of data management services and automatically taking care of issues concerning the data quality. The integral role goes to analytics that should be incorporated into your company data center to integrate cloud application digital data and sources.

Data science scheme_CoreValue

We can enable data science for your business.

Complex Analytics Development Process

At CoreValue, we defined the following stages to be useful for developing complex analytics solutions.

Analytics development process by CoreValue

Use data analytics to deliver value.

Big Data Solutions
What is Big Data

“Big Datarefers to large amounts of information, including metadata, that businesses collect and use every day. The company information may be structured or unstructured, but at the end of the day, it’s what a client does with that information which matters the most.

We help our partners analyze their Big Data, so they can gain insights for mission critical decisions, strategy and actions stemming from it. Our services include:

  • Big Data Preparation
  • Modeling and Prediction
  • Big Data Visualization
  • The grouping of Big Data
  • Big Data Enrichment and Collection
  • DevOps support

Data Engineering Services

CoreValue can deliver high-quality infrastructure services which assist in providing critical insights derived from even raw, unanalyzed big data. CoreValue can also provide tools and frameworks to empower your company’s data science and analytics teams.

Data Analytics Services

For companies to manage complex issues, reliable analytics solutions must be in place. We can assist with getting direct insights from raw data which might be streaming or at rest, regardless of where it is stored, and all with the aim of helping organizations to make better data-driven decisions and improve customer service. We focus on such services as database management, data collection, visualization and analysis.

Business Intelligence Services

We offer a variety of competitive BI industry solutions which are geared toward helping businesses develop an effective strategy, reduce risk and resources wastage, or become able to better understand crucial metrics and events surrounding their business.

  • Enterprise-wide reporting
  • Online analytical processing
  • Predictive analysis
  • Data mining
  • Benchmarking
  • Business performance management tools

Predictive Analytics Services

Predictive analytics involves.

  • Advanced analytics capabilities
  • Spanning ad-hoc statistical analysis
  • Data mining
  • Content analysis
  • Real-time scoring
  • Predictive modeling
  • Data optimization
  • Machine learning

With these managed services, organizations can extrapolate patterns, both those that have already occurred and those that are yet to happen.

Prescriptive Analytics Services

When a company wants to make decisions regarding a configuration, a plan or design, they are better off making those solutions after taking into account prescriptive analytics. The business goals and constraints on available resources, should also be considered.

Machine Learning Services

For one to incorporate intelligence into an enterprise, it is important that the industry solutions that are used, should have an end-to-end management platform that can execute data science promptly. The platform should allow for teams to collaborate efficiently, apply open source tools in their work and scale as required.

Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting by CoreValue
for your best business decisions.

Want your data to bring value?


Businesses by nature and activity will acquire large sets of data, deal with a broad computer learning, and rely on algorithms based on machine learning. Consequently, there is a need to integrate advanced Big Data and Big Compute platforms. These platforms must make the most of hardware advances, and after that make them accessible to Big Data Analytics and Data Powered Apps.

Data Integration Services

This allows organizations to have real-time view and access to their data center. With data integration, one can integrate multiple data sources (like mailing lists, management data and metrics, social media information) despite their location, i.e., on-premise or off-premise, etc., and what platform is used.

Data Management Services

Successful data management services push businesses to increase their productivity through administering, operating or monitoring both structured and unstructured data management platforms. Such platforms can include Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server®, Hadoop®, and many others.

Infrastructure Services

CoreValue offers a well-architected, scalable and open Big Data and infrastructure solutions. With that, you can ensure that the information is always stored in the right place at a required timing.

Data Platforms Optimization Services

CoreValue developers and consultants can assist you in optimizing workloads in Oracle, Hadoop, and the Microsoft SQL server.

Businesses by nature and activity will acquire large sets of data, deal with a broad computer learning, and rely on algorithms based on machine learning. Consequently, there is a need to integrate Big Data and Big Compute platforms. These management platforms must make the most of hardware advances, and after that make them accessible to Big Data Analytics and Data Powered Software.

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