CoreValue offers a number of services ranging from data storage organization and optimization to machine-learning algorithms. Our experts can assist your team from exploratory data analysis, building prediction models, to creating complete decision support systems and data-driven products.

Certified experts with engineering background
Business analysis and domain knowledge
Experience with the latest analytics tools - Hadoop, Spark and others
30+ successfully delivered projects

Data Services

Data Services combine knowledge in different areas that helps build efficient data-driven solutions.

What we do

  • Make fact-based decisions through providing access to enterprise data for easy analysis
  • Gain actionable insight and understanding of business performance based on statistical methods
  • Gain actionable insight and understanding of business performance based on statistical methods
  • Consolidate large amounts of data into easy-to-read interactive dashboards with Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Scorecards. and drill-down functionality.
  • Stand-alone Data Science tasks with model/algorithm as a deliverable
  • Use Data Science as a part of a more complex solution with system as a deliverable

Our latest thinking

Learn how sentiment analysis can help you gain actionable insights!

Sentiment analysis is a growing business trend that allows companies to better understand their brand, products, and services by analyzing the attitudes, opinions, and emotions expressed by an online audience.

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Media Company challenged CoreValue to build process-monitoring support system and develop an approach to increase the quality of data.

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An innovative social startup partnered with CoreValue’s “Core Mobile” team to create a “Hyper Local Social Platform” to connect like-minded individuals at the right locations at the right times and ensure the best night ever!

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