Enterprise Reporting Solution


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The main goal was to build the solution that allows companies to measure performance at each level within the organization and provides managers with an accurate story of employee performance. The data offers increased visibility and helps producers manage responsibilities and set individual goals based on pre-defined targets. A key element to this solution is our Data Warehouse, which provides financial service companies the ability to track key performance indicators.
Enterprise Reporting is a BI solution that improves the way companies manage brokerage compensation, allowing them to leverage performance results and strengthen producer relationships.
Enterprise Reporting is an incremental approach that utilizes Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as the primary platform for a number of functions, including data storage, building the ETL Process, and for creating physical reports. It also provides an integrated environment for database development within Visual Studio.

Tools and Technologies



CoreValue team implemented the effective enterprise reporting solution begins with:

  • The OLTP (Transactional) database that captures and records a company’s business transactions
  • The DW/BI environment contains an extract, transformation, and load (ETL) system and includes everything between the operational source systems and the DW/BI presentation area
  • The Data Warehouse staging area, a temporary location where data is optimized, analyzed, and prepared for visualization using SharePoint to generate reports
Architecture Diagram