Oracle Real Application Cluster Migration


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Problem statement

Because of the dated environment including hardware and software, the client’s primary need was to create a typical migration strategy with low downtime and fast failback option and perform DB migrations based on this strategy. It was necessary to fit migration of a DB in a timeframe of no more than 2-3 hours. Another point of interest was to design an architecture of Linux cluster and its deployment (from network architecture and redundancy, ASM disk configuration to DB back-up/recovery strategy).
CoreValue was called into action to set up 4-nodes Oracle RAC cluster on Linux and 5 Oracle databases (with a size from 400G to 2.5T) working on several Solaris standalone servers to be consolidated on the new Linux cluster.


The goal of the project was to build a high availability solution based on a 4-node Oracle RAC cluster on Linux. In addition, 5 Oracle databases, sized varying from 400G to 2.5T, working on several Solaris standalone servers, had to be consolidated on this new cluster environment (Oracle versions of source DBs: 10.2, 11.2, Oracle target version: 11.2).

  • Design of the Linux cluster architecture and its deployment
  • Creation of the typical migration strategy with small downtime and fast failback option
  • DB migration

It was necessary to fit migration of a DB in timeframe of no more than 2-3 hours.
The CoreValue team also dealt with network architecture and redundancy (public networking, cluster interconnect), disk devices multipathing software, disk device persistence naming technology, structure of file systems, storage-level LUN setup, ASM disk configuration, disk groups layout, RAC database configuration, database service configuration, DB backup/recovery strategy.


  • High-availability database solution based on 4-node Oracle RAC
  • Oracle licence cost optimization due to consolidation of multiple databases in one environment
  • Performance improvement through workload distribution between all RAC nodes

Tools and Technologies

Oracle RAC, Oracle ASM, Oracle ASMLib, EMC PowerPath, Oracle RMAN, Oracle HAIP, Oracle Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces, Oracle Cross-Platform RMAN incremental backup, Oracle Data Dump, EMC DDBoost, Oracle Goldengate.

Architecture Diagram