CoreValue Quality Assurance and Testing Services

CoreValue has created a set of Quality Assurance best practices to ensure our clients achieve
the best excellence of their product.

Quality Assurance and Testing Stages
Realizing the value of your product’s quality, CoreValue guarantees the achievement of an
uncompromised product quality on the following stages
Software Development
Software Validation
Software Maintenance
CoreValue Software Testing Flow
  • Test Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test Design
  • Test Execution
  • Test Result Analysis
  • Reporting and Closure Activities

CoreValue Automation Framework

The CoreValue’s Automation Framework makes it easy to manage your entire automation environment and provides the glue
needed to drive a cohesive automation program.

Certified expertise
Automated testing
Continuous integration (CI)
Metrics collection
CoreValue Quality
Assurance and Testing Types

Automation Testing

CoreValue implements effective Automated testing practices that help our clients reduce time to market. Decreasing manual effort, CoreValue’s team focuses on higher quality through better test coverage.

Localization Testing

Localization testing is performed by CoreValue to verify the quality of a product's localization for a particular target culture/locale and is executed only on the localized version of the product.

Database Testing

CoreValue performs Database testing in order to verify the proper design of the database structure, functionality of database objects, and appropriate data handling and storing.

Mobile Testing

CoreValue implements the following testing types in combination with the common test directions and approaches in order to verify the specifics of mobile applications and deliver a flawless customer experience.

BI Testing

CoreValue implements effective Business Intelligence (BI) testing while ensuring data accuracy and reporting efficiency. CoreValue’s testing practices are focused on various BI items including ETL, Stage Databases, DW Databases, BI Reports, etc.

Usability Testing

CoreValue implements Usability testing as a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. Usability testing focuses on measuring a human-made product's capacity to meet its intended purpose.

Migration Testing

CoreValue applies different test approaches to ensure that the client’s solution remains operable after diverse types of migrations.

Application Security Testing

We apply the latest Security testing techniques and methodologies based on the OWASP Web/Mobile TOP 10 and OWASP ASVS to effectively serve our clients’ needs.

Performance Testing

CoreValue implements Performance testing in order to determine responsiveness, throughput, reliability, and/or scalability of a system under a given workload.

Compatibility Testing

CoreValue provides Compatibility testing in order to ensure compatibility of a system built with various objects such as other web browsers, hardware platforms, users, operating systems, etc.


Media Plan Application

CoreValue QA team has been providing in-depth Quality Assurance of Media Plan Generation application

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