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Automated Testing

Automation testing may be the missing link in your attempts to get quality software to your customers faster. Lets face it, if your software gets used its going to need some type of testing. Most would agree having customers or end users test software for the first time is a risky proposition and can lead to many necessary headaches. So you have an independent QA – Testing team who is responsible for testing new code and reporting issues and defects. This works ok until you get pressure to release faster or your manual regression tests start to take an excessive amount of time. Or perhaps your software is getting used on many different end devices and your testing times go through the roof. This is where automation can be a valuable tool and if done correctly can safe you both time and money while improving your overall software quality.

Automation Framework

CoreValues Framework makes it easy to manage you entire automation environment and provides the glue needed to drive a cohesive automation program.

Automation Experts

Experienced automation engineers develop reusable automation scripts using the latest technologies and techniques for success.

Winning Methodologies

We partner with your team to help provide the expertise and talent needed to get you started right away. Our team takes pride in partnering for success with our clients.

Automation Capabilities

Automation eccosystem1 - CV Automation Framework

Key Framework Modules

      • Test Scripts & Test Data
      • Script Execution Settings
      • Reporting
      • Profile Management
      • Results Analyses
      • Alerting

Our Framework manages and controls all the assets needed to successfully automate your testing environment. Designed to be modular, the Framework integrates with best of breed OpenSource and COTS programs (Jenkins, Jira, & Sauce Labs to name a few) to provide a comprehensive and cohesive automation environment.

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