Qaulity Assessment

High Quality Software is Critical to Success

Your business has great ideas and aggressive schedules to quickly realize them. You are developing a (mobile, web, data, etc.) solution and while you see potential in what you are doing, your gut tells you there may be risky waters ahead. You realize the dangers of releasing product before it is ready and know it will be your issue if customers are put at risk. Sound familiar? Our team has learned the value of predictable software quality and the need to minimize risk. At the very least when risks are taken it is critical that everyone understands them and is aligned with go to market decisions. Our team has been developing a wide spectrum of complex data rich mobile and web applications for many years and is committed to ensuring the software we deliver meets expectations and does not surprise in the wrong way! We have developed a dedicated team with a set of testing best practices, methodologies and tool to ensure we deliver excellence. CoreValue prefers to start all internal and external with a quick QA assessment to identify testing gaps and areas for significant improvement.

Current State

Our Assessments allow us to quickly understand your current testing process, tool usage and potential gaps with your development methodology.

Best Practice Alignment

Based on your testing assessment, we partner to determine gaps with best practices and planning to quickly achieve results.

Test-QA Experts

Integrate our QA experts to drive value to your end customers, improve quality, reduce risk and protect your brand.

Assess your QA- testing maturity

  • Product Quality Level Validation
    • Performance Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
    • Security Testing
  • Requirements Quality Level Validation
    • Testing Process Validation
    • Process Workflow Review
    • Issue Tracking Workflow Review
    • Requirements Analysis and Testing
  • Test Planning Validation
    • Test Strategy Analysis and Validation
    • Test Efforts Validation
    • Test Deliverables Analysis
  • QC Level Verification
    • Inputs/Outputs criteria verification

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