Data Processing with Einstein Analytics

Data Processing with Einstein Analytics



One of the world’s largest suppliers of aviation fuel products and services with a network of operations at over 800 locations in around 50 countries.


Our Client had a pressing need to help create a flexible solution for economic performance analytics which could be customized depending on various parameters. Their business requires accurate data to be gathered, and processed accurately and timely: KPI, charts, dashboards, processes and other means for  analytics and statistics. The Сlient wanted to monitor the correlation customer-quality-revenue broken down by years/countries/regions,etc and other vital dimensions.


CoreValue provided customization and consultancy services for building  analytics dashboards with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. The platform allows for dynamic presentation of the incoming data; it enables dashboarding with lines/charts showing target, critical zone and real state of processed data; it also enables (multi-stage) selection by years/geography/clientele, etc. We perform non-stop customization and adding new features like customized datasets. The beneficial feature is also that it enables combination of several data sources into one dataset with all the information featured in one dashboard; our customized solution also allows to integrate other software with Salesforce platform.
The solution makes it easy for the Client to create intuitive and highly customizable dashboards and analyse big data across all conceivable devices.

Tools & Technologies

SAQL, JSON, Salesforce Einstein Analytics