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As a Salesforce registered consulting partner, CoreValue has strong expertise across a variety of Salesforce products and services, including Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter communities, Salesforce1mobile, Lightning, Einstein and many others. We also offer implementation, migration, customization, AppExchange development, integration, consultancy, and other services that make your Salesforce environment the most efficient and cost effective that it can be.

Checkout our list of Salesforce application development offerings:

  • Migration to Salesforce CRM from legacy solutions.
  • Functionality enrichment for your current Salesforce CRM solution.
  • Workflow design, execution and automation services.
  • Comprehensive reporting solutions and dashboards for your business specific needs.
  • application development.
  • Customized Salesforce mobile Applications for better business productivity.
  • Design for APIs, canvas application, developing custom web, de-duplication, and others.
  • Custom AI-powered solutions and services with Einstein.

Beyond Salesforce Custom Solutions

As a trusted Salesforce registered partner, our company provides development and implementation services, as well as support for every stage of the Salesforce software and product development life cycle. We can provide viability evaluation, UI/UX design, prototyping, development and implementation of enterprise solutions, as well as other types of support.
CoreValue can customize Salesforce platform solutions and services with a focus on your individual business needs. Integrated end-to-end enterprise solutions can optimize workflows and enhance insight and intelligence across your entire business environment, resulting in greater efficiency and improved overall profitability.

The process by which we set up and set Salesforce development and implementation daily works to ensure satisfaction of our clients:

  • Requirements and technology limitations analysis.
  • Most efficient solution for the organization’s workflow.
  • Software architecture data processing and storage.
  • Middleware/modules necessary for cloud platform together with its elements.
  • Integration stages for a failure-resistant connection to enhance effective communication.
  • System test and deployment.

Custom Salesforce Development

and Implementation
When App-Exchange security guidelines matter.

Skillfully customized Salesforce applications can help you create an outstanding customer experience, as well as process and maintain critical enterprise data. Let CoreValue enhance and enable your business processes.

By use of powerful and strong custom application development and implementation, you can enlarge your current SalesForce CRM solution or onboard advanced automation functions. We can generate Apex classes, S-controls, Visualforce pages, Views, Triggers, workflows, page layouts and create a variety of dashboards and reports, all tailored to your needs as our client.

Are you one of those people seeking to enlarge your SalesForce application with something better than declarative fixes? Looking for Heroku, custom web applications, native web applications or other services? Well, you have come to the right place, our dedicated and well trained SalesForce development team will ride to your rescue.

Salesforce Customer Development Experience

Salesforce Lightning Expertise

Overall workflow optimization and enterprise productivity are already greatly enhanced by Salesforce Lightning functionality, and by making the migration, you can drive improved customer experience and overall systems operational efficiency. We support and provide all required business logic, security layering and data integration to make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible.
For example, we can help with:

  • Creating new Lightning ready Salesforce instances and moving the old instances to this advanced technology.
  • Developing new Lightning components that can be scaled for future changes.
  • Customizations specifically for your business that will work in the Lightning framework.
  • Lightning community portals.
  • Creating and positioning ready-made Lightning Salesforce applications.

Salesforce technology offers more benefits for both owner and users. The platform promotes fast Application development and implementation, and better engagement with customers, employees, and potential new business. After all, isn’t growing your business what it is all about?

Salesforce Development and Implementation Case Studies

CoreValue demonstrates its expert approach by utilizing Salesforce development and implementation best practices that help to ensure meaningful results for our Partners.

We are here to help.

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