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Salesforce Mobile App

CoreValue is a team of professionals who work in tune with our clients. We know that gadgets are becoming smarter by the day, enabling the creation of seamless new ways for potential clients to engage your brand and do business with your company. We listen to what you have to say about your business needs, goals and expectations, and then help you turn them into actionable solutions. We convert your ideas into prototypes, working to build apps that utilize the real power of mobile technology.

Salesforce Mobile App Development

With its strong expertise in application development, CoreValue is a Salesforce powerhouse. Our experts can satisfy the diverse needs of any enterprise desiring to build apps for employees, customers, and partners. Do you want to use app cloud mobile to instantly deploy core apps to your users with Salesforce1? Do you need to build native Android, iOS and Windows apps with mobile SDK? How about design and run massively scalable mobile backends on Heroku? Or just need a consultancy? CoreValue can help you with all of that.

Not only can CoreValue help you deliver the latest technology to your customers today, but can help you to explore and anticipate what’s coming tomorrow, when the world will be even more mobile than it is now.

Why Mobility Is Important

Salesforce Application Development Benefits

Ensure business effectiveness through development with CoreValue, who can provide easy access to critical information as well as run effective collaboration with your team on-the-go. Here is what we can deliver for you.

  • Customized solutions.
  • Better customer service with easy access to your products and services through mobile.
  • Business process extension across various devices.
  • Increased operational efficiency by your employees.
  • Brand presence across all your channels.

Looking for custom-tailored native mobile app? Need to migrate to the Heroku cloud platform? Want to build your CRM systems into a scalable and dynamic solution?
CoreValue Services is here to help you do exactly that! We have a team of experts and experienced app developers, who can perform all these tasks and more, no matter the complexity of your project.

Create a Salesforce mobile app for your enterprise. A step-by-step approach to your success with Salesforce mobile solutions by CoreValue.

Salesforce Mobile App Development for Faster and Smarter Business Operations

CoreValue has both expertise and experience in all aspects of mobile: design, development, implementation, and vendor support. Our team will help you to harness, utilize and profit from the power of the Salesforce platform and its advanced automation using your gadgets

Customizable Salesforce Mobile Application Development for Business Agility

Utilizing the most advanced mobile technologies available to design and create native, custom-tailored, cross-platform app and web solutions, we specifically build to suit your enterprise business goals.

We can seamlessly integrate our secure, customizable and scalable business solutions with all your data, which enables you to meet real business targets and objectives on the go.

CoreValue’s Expertise in Mobile App Development

5+ Years of providing Salesforce apps
  • UX and business analysis expertise
100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • Native and cross-platform development
45+ Salesforce experts
  • Back-end implementation
55+ Certificates
Salesforce administrator
Salesforce platform app builder
Salesforce platform developer - 1
Salesforce platform developer - 2 developer advanced developer

Salesforce1 Mobile App Development

Bring Salesforce to your mobile devices through our Salesforce1™ Mobile App services.

Salesforce1 platform is a simple, engaging and intuitive UI that enables users to access all workflows and data from anywhere in the world at any time. Salesforce1 platform is built to bring the very best of the Salesforce software ecosystem to mobile for easy and cost-effective operation of your enterprise on the go!

CoreValue designs, develops and deploys CRM mobile applications onto the AppExchange platform, and introduces tailored UX/UI support to give our clients’ businesses that special touch. In addition, we also use our expertise and experience in working with Visualforce and Lightning to ensure that your business is in a position to fully benefit from the power of the CRM app.

The Salesforce1 platform extends the power and functionality of Salesforce to mobile and other handheld gadgets. CoreValue assists businesses to fully integrate this system into their enterprises, and utilize it by extending to mobile their Salesforce-based custom-built features and business processes.

CoreValue is here to help you leverage the Salesforce1 Mobile App development.

CoreValue experts can help you with:


  • Customized UI/UX Design
    Tailor the look and feel of your instance to conform to the overall structure and business model that reflects your brand and niche.
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App Consulting
    Optimize the implementation of Salesforce1 platform resources.
  • Custom-Tailored Application Development
    Design, create and deploy customized solutions on the AppExchange platform for all your apps.
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App and VisualForce
    Extend your Visualforce pages to the mobile CRM application with our unmatched expertise in Lightning and custom UI.
  • Salesforce App Cloud
    Optimize the implementation of Salesforce1’s platform resources.
    This most sought-after mobile app platform, App Cloud, is capable of satisfying diverse business needs, enabling you to build apps for your staff, customers and partners. You can use the App Cloud for:
    – Instant deployment of apps to customers using Salesforce1;
    – Creation of native iOS, Android and Windows apps using Mobile SDK;
    – Design and implementation of highly-scalable mobile backends on the Heroku platform.

Still wondering how you can efficiently leverage Salesforce1 Platform in your business workflow?

Featured Case Studies

Salesforce Mobile Best Practices

Enhance customer engagement and conversion rates

We helped a financial consulting company significantly increase its business with a mobile CRM that automatically connects to social media platforms. This enables access to valuable information that will further enhance engagements with current and future customers.

Salesforce mobile development
Salesforce mobile development

B2B mobile app for tobacco retailers across the globe

We delivered a gamified app that not only increased brand awareness but also improved sales performance among tobacco retailers by displaying available items and allowing users to place orders directly.

CoreValue helped our integrated team of sales, marketing and customer service remain connected in real time through custom Salesforce-based mobile apps that are aligned both with our corporate identity and business processes.

Chief Strategy Officer of a financial consulting firm

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