SPRING BOOsT. Simplifying Java Applications for Everyone
February 22, 2018

SPRING BOOsT. Simplifying Java Applications for Everyone


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During recent visits to various Java-conferences, I was able to get some statistics regarding the use of Spring as compared to other Java web frameworks. I found that Spring owns the market right now, and among all users of Spring, nearly 60% use Spring Boot. If you start a new project from scratch, it is also Spring Boot in most cases.

And then the reasonable question came to mind – why? What do Spring and Spring Boot offer that others cannot? Let’s try to answer these questions.


In case you are interested in why Spring Boot came to life, here you is a little sneak peek: https://jira.spring.io/plugins/servlet/mobile#issue/SPR-9888.

Everything started with a “won’t fix” Jira issue, so that the inspiration and motivation behind Spring Boot creation were community driven.


What does a typical programmer not much like while writing the code? Mostly three things.

  1. Dependencies.
  2. Configuration and tuning.
  3. Deployment, because there is supposed to be a devOps team member for that purpose.

Spring Boot takes care of all that stuff for you. Free of charge. That is because Spring Boot is not a framework itself. Spring Boot is built on top of Spring Framework, but it is mostly all about infrastructure, kindly pre-configured for you.

Moreover, with Spring Boot, as much as with simple Spring, you are able to write your code either with Java or Groovy or even Kotlin. First-class support is provided for all of them.
Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Sure it does.

Let’s take a look at how we can create a Spring Boot application.

SPRING BOOsT. Simplifying Java Applications for Everyone

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