Travelling the world with CoreValue – our team in the UK
July 12, 2018

Travelling the world with CoreValue – our team in the UK

We continue with highlighting travels for projects abroad. Today, we feature Vladyslav Litovka, who has just returned from London.

Q:  Where did you and your team go? Was it your first time travelling to the UK?

There were 5 of us in our development team with different technologies and directions. Yes, it was my first time I got to see London, the wonderful capital of Great Britain.

Q:  What was the purpose of the trip? Any details?

It was a business trip, so obviously, we had a lot of work to do. We were discussing and actually started, the development of a PoC for one of our clients.  In order to improve and speedup their internal processes, we will replace an existing third party solution with a more flexible, optimized and customizable unit. It will be a really cool project. We are all pretty excited.

Travelling the world with CoreValue – our team in the UK

Q:  Besides the project work, what made the trip so special?

We have all learned so much about London through our English lessons starting from high school. I have seen those iconic images of London all my life – in film, on TV. I was impressed by almost everything: culture, architecture, mentality, people. The itinerary was way too short for London, that’s for sure. But I must say that I do love it overall.

What impressed me the most were the people and the mix of cultural differences. It was a great experience in opening new horizons and the ways of living. Probably the biggest opportunity was to dive deep into the society, to walk through their community seeing their everyday life, interacting with each other, not only from work perspective, but also from their daily routine.

Travelling the world with CoreValue – our team in the UK

Q:  What impressed you most?

London speaks through its buildings; the quarters, streets, homes of locals and immigrants, local places. The majestic presence of some of the buildings blew me away. During our trip we also visited some of the many, many museums, such as the Natural History and Science Museums. We walked through the tourist areas and West End landmarks. There are so many incredible historic landmarks here: Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Soho, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Whitehall, Soho, Hyde Park, to name a few. But much of London is an exciting array of old and new, stone and steel…and new construction everywhere. It’s a pity that we were not able to see Big Ben because of it’s reconstruction, but it’s also a good reason for another trip to London later, isn’t it?

Many people in London walk, ride bicycles or take public transportation. As in any metropolitan city, there is the same hustle in London, but people there do not have an issue taking time out of their day to talk to each other or a stranger, just to see how they are doing.

Londoners are classy, and I do love the sense of style that Londoners have — especially the men! It was a fashion feast for the eyes.

Here’s a selection of moments.





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