Technical due diligence. Informed decisions for Venture Investments.

Over ⅓ of UK startups become Unicorns in Europe.

When an epic idea or a company is viewed as a venture capital investment, thorough business and technical review and research is a key to a high percentage return.

Identify your next Unicorn Startup with the right technology partner.

Due Diligence can be astronomically expensive. You can engage us from as little as £2000.

We are potential tech partners for Unicorns to continue their journey and scale their businesses.

We have helped scale startups and medium sized enterprises over the last years providing relevant expertise.

No overheads, no additional inessential services.

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What is in Technical Due Diligence for You?

TDD outlines all the subject-related points before the investment is made:

  • Demonstrates an updated and real state-of-the-technology of the startup.
  • Highlights top qualities and weak points in the performance of technical teams.
  • Makes visible representations of the identified gaps and causes for concern, along with time & cost estimations to fix.
  • Provides actionable insights into a startup’s market position and scale challenges
  • Spares costs compared to engaging lawyers for the deal execution

On an average, 4 companies qualify for unicorn status every year.

Among the 197 Unicorn startups today globally, Revolut and Monzo came out of the UK market in 2018.

Why Technical Due Diligence is important?

  • Technical Due Diligence aims at pointing out divergences that could influence further project development strategy and offering insights into the integrity of the system and the processes.
  • Practice shows that omitting Technical Due Diligence, or underestimating the role of a technically responsible representative, in the critical decision-making process often results in execution failures for startups and consequently losses for capital investors.
  • Before funding, Technology must be evaluated equally alongside the financial aspects.
Gavin Fletcher

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Gavin Fletcher

Emerging Technologies Consultant

Technical Due Diligence – Engagement Model and Processes

Prior to launching a Tech Due Diligence, the objectives, key points, timeframes and volume of work should be clearly defined. Potentially, due diligence can be performed remotely for smaller companies and less complicated projects as it takes just a few days while for bigger and multi-layered projects, an on-site visit is often needed.

Due diligence can be potentially done rapidly for a large Seed or a Series A within a few days, including an on-site visit, for a Series B or anything bigger than that.


Kick-off comprises introduction to the project, discussion of the goal and focus areas.

2Documentation review

Documentation review, with submission of all key technical documentation/business plans, architecture, processes, org. chart., etc.

3Landscape analysis

Competitive landscape analysis is about the review of marketplace & analyst documentation.


Interview phase contains interviews with key Startup team members, live code and process review.

5Compliance review

Besides having all the legal documents in place, having all the security and regulations compliant systems, e.g. GDPR, will prevent negative implications in the future.


Reporting with a thorough gap analysis of key technical areas, and recommendations on prioritized improvements.


Tech Due Diligence in Practice by CoreValue

The primary goal of a client’s startup was to create a “Hyper Local Social Platform” for both end users to find the best entertainment place to visit as well as venue owners to understand customer behavior and create marketing campaigns. In order for the startup to scale and grow its business, the CoreValue team conducted a technical due diligence review including code review, tech stack analysis, development approaches, etc., to identify strong points as well as the potential risks for growth. The thorough attention was paid to analyzing alternative data feeds and multiple social platforms. Proximity data were examined to follow processing requirements and minimize the potential for excessive compute costs.

Based on the due diligence, the CoreValue team continued to cooperate with the client – from the app building to data science involvements.

watson - Technical Due Diligencetrist - Technical Due Diligence

CoreValue is About

The CoreValue Technical team powered key investment decisions, delivering an accurate analysis of the performance of the tech startup teams and providing simplified ranking and scoring against industry best practice, in order to make informed investment decision and mitigate risks.


12+ years experience building 200+ platforms and applications. Seasoned Solution Architects & expert developers scrutinize micro-detail.

Risk Profiling

Making visible representation of the identified gaps and causes for concern along with time & cost estimations to fix.


Key actionable insights into startups market position and scale challenges.

Gavin Fletcher

Emerging Technologies Consultant

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