Efficient Community Management System – a Case Study

ThreeAndMore has found a strong, reliable and strategic partner in Corevalue to design, develop and support its GDPR compliant member management platform. Corevalue’s knowledge of large transactional platforms built on Microsoft technologies has proven to be a key asset to our company’s evolution. And we look forward to strengthen this relationship further to help us become the leading member management platform in Europe

Kimball Felix - Chief Executive, ThreeAndMore

Project Overview

ThreeAndMore approached CoreValue with the pressing need to continue development of a scalable system for community management. ThreeAndMore’s goal was creation of a user friendly platform to manage communities where people join, have their own news feeds, galleries, events management, and other necessities for socializing and groups administration. According to the project architecture, their high-traffic system is designed to support a substantial number of users with huge data volume exchange and a cloud-based back-end.

Status of Engagement 2016 − ongoing
Team involved 6 people
Technologies CQRS, .Net, React, Azure, Xamarin native, Objective C, Swift, Java
Service performed Software development, QA, PM

Client Description

ThreeAndMore is a Belgian startup company offering a free social platform that provides ERP-like modules to public and private communities, clubs and associations in order to manage their administration, organization and communication. Accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile phone (iOS or Android), the platform also offers the necessary modules to their members to manage their membership and participation within these clubs.

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Business Challenge

Due to a previous unfortunate development experience, ThreeAndMore required development to be completed under a limited time-frame and within the previous budget. They already had an active website, and expressed their intent to create iOS and Android Apps. It was of paramount importance that we captured all features of the project to ensure that it would be a complete solution for a complicated high-traffic system with a cumbersome back-end.

CoreValue’s Role and Solution

CoreValue provided ThreeAndMore with skilled staff for the delivery of a cost-effective project within a tight schedule. While continuing to use Azure Cloud Platform, the CoreValue team developed a running solution that maximized the performance and scalability of the system:
1. The front-end part of the system was hosted as an Azure website;
2. The back end utilized the Azure services as:
– Web Jobs for processing commands and requests
– Azure Blob Storage for storing media
– DocumentDB as a general data storage
– Azure SQL Database for fast access to referential static data, such as multi language translation, and transactional data
– ADAL for users authentication and management
– Azure Service Bus for interservices communication.


ThreeAndMore’s highly intuitive system now offers a personalized environment for each of their client organizations. Within these environments, there is all the functionality needed to efficiently manage community; communicate with the members through messages; invitations and requests; organize activities; and share documents.

The member module allows adjustment of the community platform to the exact specifications of the organization, including assignment of different privileges to various members, and the structuring of members into specific groups.

The Calendar and Activities management module makes it easier to create and administer events from one central location, and to invite the entire community or specific groups or members.

The Payments module offers integrations with PayPal and Payconiq allowing for automatic payments for certain paid activities for community members.

Are you wondering what distinguishes CoreValue from other providers? We are unique because all of our resources are top quality and focused on excellent service delivery. CoreValue will always deliver secure technological infrastructures and processes that will support new technology initiatives, so that clients like M3 can better serve their consumers.

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