Travelling the world with CoreValue – Khrystyna Romanko in the USA
October 24, 2018

Travelling the world with CoreValue – Khrystyna Romanko in the USA

We continue to share highlights of our travels for business abroad. Today, we feature Khrystyna Romanko, a PM at CoreValue who has just returned from the US.

Q:  Khrystyna, where did you go? Was it your first time travelling to USA?

Our team of six great minds and I, travelled to Phoenix, Arizona for two weeks. The guys had already been there working on the project, but for me it was my very first trip to the United States, let alone Arizona.

CoreValue travelloged 1


Q: What was the purpose of the trip? Can you share some details?

This sounds exactly like the question asked by the Customs and Border Protection officer during the visa inspection at the airport!   🙂

The main purpose of our trip was to plan the next release of the product, as well as to continue building a great working relationship with the client. Sounds simple, but it really was a lot of hard work.

Q.: You also visited other places. Can you share with us?

We were lucky enough to have the chance to explore 5 (five) states during our trip! We were in New York, Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Utah. Thanks to a long layover in New York, there was some time for us to get out of the airport and bite off a piece of the Big Apple. In Houston, Texas the guys visited the Official Visitor Center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center while I strolled around the George Bush Intercontinental Airport buying all kinds of souvenirs with the NASA logo.

We also managed to rent a car for the weekend and took a little road trip to Las Vegas on a Friday night and then to some amazing natural landmarks around Lake Powell, seeing the Hoover Dam, Zion National Park, Horseshoe Bend, Wahweap Overlook and Lone Rock beach.

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Q: Beside the project work, what made the trip so special, Khrystyna? What impressed you the most?  

I was impressed by how huge everything was in America. Starting from big cars, large malls with tons of things to buy (at extremely discounted prices, by the way), unlimited portions of food, grande Starbucks coffee cups, the large eco bottles of water carried around by office workers, and the broad smiles on everyone’s faces.

What I really liked was that people there were very friendly and talkative. Just imagine a situation where any stranger can talk to you at any occasion. One day I was waiting for the elevator with a bunch of other people, the doors opened and an older lady stepped out asking “Oh, is this a party for me?” and everybody laughed, of course. A couple of times I was also complimented on my dress or hairstyle by total strangers. Not to mention Uber drivers and their storytelling talents — these are the situations in which you gain a deep insight into local life or learn lessons on how to survive in the desert!

Q: Was it just all work and no play?

Why can’t we have both? We actually had a lot of fun while working. We participated in the traditional ‘Friday team lunch’ with the Phoenix team members, joined in the ping-pong battles and had a lot of good laughs between the meeting sessions.




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