Travelling the world with CoreValue – Lesya Kleputs in the US
July 5, 2018

Travelling the world with CoreValue – Lesya Kleputs in the US

We continue highlighting travels for projects abroad. Today, we feature Lesya Kleputs, who recently visited New York.
Q: Where did you go?
There were four of us who went to New York to visit one of our Clients and to work onsite together with the rest of their distributed international team.
Q: What was the purpose of the trip?
It was work, first of all. Since our client’s team is a distributed one, this trip was planned mainly as a teambuilding activity. And it proved to be a perfect chance to get to know the people with whom we have been working for almost two years, to feel the vibe, the atmosphere of the office, to actually work with the people side by side in the office.
Q: What was so special about the trip? What impressed you most?
For me it is my first trip to the US, and it was absolutely fantastic. What impressed me most is the dynamics of the city. Busy and brash with iconic landmarks, superb nightlife, really lovely parks and an energy like no other. We tasted the legendary Shake Shack burgers in Madison Square Park. Just wow!

Travelling the world with CoreValue – Lesya Kleputs in the US

People made the greatest impression on me. New Yorkers are cool. With all that daily rush and tough deadlines I was surprised with their ability to just stop, relax and enjoy life, although they say that they enjoy life at work. Initially I had a perception that they work 24/7. No, they just know how to switch and relax. No business talk during happy hours at the office – just casual chat about everyday’s life.
Q: Was it just all work and no play?
We didn’t really have much time for extra fun. But visiting all the major sights is definitely a must. With so much seen on TV about New York, it’s different when you actually see it all for yourself: Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square by night with the neon effect, the famous green oasis – Central Park, Rockefeller Centre with probably the best view of New York – that was like getting inside all those movies and shows.




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