Travelling the world with CoreValue – Roman Skurchak in the US
January 31, 2018

Travelling the world with CoreValue – Roman Skurchak in the US

As part of our commitment to change in the new year, we have added this new section to our newsletter that will highlight travel for projects abroad.  The upcoming issues will include interviews with guys who have just returned from business leave.  Today, we feature Roman Skurchak, who has just returned from the US.

Q: What was the purpose of the trip?

A: We are starting a new project developing a product for pharma companies. It’s a brand new Salesforce project for medical trials, and it’s a fresh start with data modelling and initial requirements collection. So, we worked onsite as a distributed team in a rural area with  family-style surroundings.

Q: Where did you go?

A: Apex, a town in Wake County, and a suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Q: What was so special about the trip?

A: It’s not my first time in the US. This time we met really untypical weather. For an area with normal +15 C in the period, it bumped to -4 С all of a sudden. We had to struggle with snowstorms and nasty weather conditions and work anyway.  What I liked about the whole arrangement was that we were staying in a fantastically picturesque area with lakes and woods and working at the home of one of the consultants. Oh, and the language [local dialect], at first I couldn’t get a word of the locals. That was actually part of fun.

Q: Was it just all work and no play?

A:That was my first time kart racing in America. And I also tried crocodile meat for the very first time. Quite a new experience I have to admit.



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