What is Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based enterprise platform by Salesforce.com Inc. – a global cloud computing company that provides easy to use business applications that help to stay connected with customers, prospects, partners, sales, and market services globally.

What does Salesforce do?

Salesforce is a Cloud computing platform which provides an on-demand network access to shared computing resources offering a plethora of opportunities, from customer service improvements and cost efficiency to security enhancements. Cloud computing paradigm includes the following service delivery models:

SaaS – comprises applications for end-users inside the Salesforce org.; no installations and downloads, just logging in and use software across the cloud

PaaS – allows users to develop and run applications on the unified ready-to-go cloud infrastructure without managing servers or databases.

IaaS – is a top layer on the multitenant architecture, no hardware, server installations or storage are needed; all data is stored, backed up and maintained securely on the Salesforce cloud.

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What is Salesforce Cloud?

The leader in Cloud computing Salesforce offers a plethora of applications for almost every business aspect like CRM, ERP, customer service, marketing and sales automation, business analytics, mobile apps, etc. The real trailblazer Salesforce is that all of those are working on the unified connected platform utilizing customer data.
Cloud computing enables users to access software and applications, hosted and residing in the cloud from anywhere. With Salesforce cloud computing your data is securely stored, upgraded, and scaled automatically. The apps running in the cloud with Salesforce are secure and reliable offering a number of benefits to the users:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Adaptability
  • Scalability
  • Multitenancy

There are several product and service categories Salesforce offers: Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, IoT, Health Cloud.

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What is CRM in Salesforce

Salesforce.com’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is a product that manages all the company’s relationships with customers, prospects, and opportunities by giving an instant overview of the external and internal interactions within the enterprise.

According to Salesforce, over 150,000 companies use Salesforce CRM as a unified platform, accessible from any desktop or mobile device for better data management.

Salesforce cloud CRM applications are used for sales, service, finance, marketing, business development, recruiting, HR, supply chain management and other lines of business that manage external and internal relationships.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM

  • Maximum Scalability
  • Broad functionality
  • Perfect usability
  • Flawless performance
  • Top security
  • Integration with third-party applications

The Salesforce CRM platform allows you to store customer and potential clients’ information in one place, practice personalized customer approach, process sales and marketing campaigns, and manage services, all with vital data available to authorized parties.

Salesforce Platform Services

Salesforce Einstein

Built into the Salesforce Platform, Einstein is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that helps users improve their customers’ experience with predictive analytic capabilities. Being data-, modeling- and production-ready, which means AI spares the user’s time and efforts on data preparation, it fits easily into an organization or an additional development. It is now available within Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, App Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is a service platform (PaaS) that allows developers to create add-on applications that integrate into the main Salesforce.com application. A Lightning experience delivers out-of-the-box tools to automate business processes, creates custom business logic, customizes user interface, integrates with third-party applications, and provides responsive layouts, making it easier to build responsive applications for any device.

Lightning includes:

  • Lightning Components with a client-server framework for smoother development and overall app performance.
  • Lightning App Builder for accelerated design of code-free custom user interfaces.

Lightning Migration

Heroku Platform

Heroku is a cloud container based PaaS practicing an app- and developer-centric approach for software development. Heroku makes it easier for the software engineers to deploy and manage applications with a single command, overcoming the hurdles of compilation, dependencies, etc., so the developers can productively focus on the final results – creating the app fitting user requirements.


Quip is a content collaboration platform that optimizes and stipulates the document workflow between departments and teams. Quip works with a single shared document and can embed live Salesforce CRM data and automatically update it, thus ensuring all parties are using current information. With a seamless desktop-to-mobile tool, critical data is fully applied for better decisions and perfect customer experience.

Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Studio, an Eclipse-based development studio, is a hybrid integration platform which enables the integration between SaaS applications, microservices, and APIs. This makes it a perfect solution when applied to a bulky and cumbersome legacy system which needs updates. Mule is applied at a presentation level, so the business logic of the system, which remains the same, is encapsulated into a separate service SOA. Mule becomes an integration point and is applied on top of it. More modules are attached in order to extend the system, while Mule provides interaction with all the additional modules on the side.


Pardot is a software as a service (SaaS) marketing automation platform providing intelligent B2B solutions within sales and marketing. The user-friendly platform offers tools to process marketing campaigns for actionable results. When in sync with Salesforce CRM, it automates creating digital marketing campaigns, enables lead and customer management, tracks website and social marketing, offers personalized marketing and reporting, and a rich analytics functionality for better productivity and business outcomes.


Salesforce AppExchange is an online application marketplace offering cloud-computing applications and consulting services for third-party applications that run on the Lightning Platform. AppExchange gives users a place to create, publish, or install apps and extensions to Salesforce. Applications are available for free, as well as via subscription models. The AppExchange is also a place where customers can search for cloud consulting partners to help them implement technology in their own organization.

A new App By CoreValue on AppExchange

Why Salesforce? Benefits of using Salesforce

Enterprises are interested in making smart investments which would bring value to their customers and receive ROI for their business brand.


With every single tool at your fingertips and adapted to your professional needs, you as a business professional get improved information organization, a 360-degree customer view, enhanced communication capabilities, tasks and workflow automation, and deeper insights with the Salesforce mobile and Lightning Platform. This enables you be more proactive and productive; like closing deals faster, servicing customers, boosting marketing activities, and collaborating at a new higher level on any device.


As a unified secure and scalable platform which can be customized and upgraded according to business needs and requirements, Salesforce extends the outreach for core business activities. The point-and-click development language, inbuilt workflow, configurations, no infrastructure overheads and integration tools all empower businesses to solve their core problems and leave the rest to the vendor.


Salesforce makes it a point to develop and promote advanced services and cutting-edge technologies like Einstein AI, or mobile CRM, that provides data driven analytics in order to stay connected and informed on-the-go so smarter business decisions are made.

Unleash your potential with custom Salesforce solutions developed by CoreValue!

There are several product and service categories Salesforce offers: Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, IoT, and Health Cloud.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

With Sales Cloud, enterprises get a sophisticated task and opportunity management system that closes deals, collaborates and sells as a team, manages contacts and tracks opportunities from initial contact to closing deals, all the way up to a unified hub of a company-wide lead-to-cash sales process.

Sales Cloud enables the automation of any business process thus increasing productivity and streamlining sales for better ROI:

  • Personalize Sales Journey.
  • Boost Efficiency
  • Practice Innovations

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service cloud allows you to deliver smooth personalized customer services, track customer activity across every channel, increase business productivity and simultaneously increase customer satisfaction. Skillful implementation of the Salesforce service cloud makes it easier for enterprises to automate service processes, enhance overview and streamline workflows by utilizing a 360-degree view and connecting with every customer on any device.

Salesforce service cloud features include:

  • Exhaustive customer view for proactive customer interaction.
  • Multichannel targeting for personalized approach.
  • Opportunity and workflow management for better efficiency.
  • AI-powered solutions and analytics for scaled customer support.

With our customized Salesforce Service Cloud integration and implementation services, you can be sure all your data is in the right place. Contact us for more information.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps businesses make smarter data-based decisions, as well as drive sales and close deals through multi-channel communications.

Salesforce marketing cloud October 2018 release notes

Key features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud can facilitate an organization as it integrates data from every touchpoint for personalized relevant campaigns.

  • Personalized customer journeys.
  • Predictive analytics and real-time data management.
  • Cross-channel connections and aligned marketing and sales efforts.
  • Social media analytics and content management.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Сommerce cloud is an all-in-one B2C solution built on the Salesforce platform specifically for e-commerce which helps to create innovative and personalized shopping experiences across mobile, social, web, store, call centers, etc. with maximum security and reliability in mind.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud features refer to experience, operations, and intelligence.

  • Experience helps users to create content and manage products, promotions, and pricing for better customer engagement.
  • Operations enable broader cross-channel functionality, connecting order fulfillment and back-office processes.
  • Intelligence capabilities empower users with business insights data analytics and customer personalization.

Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud is the first cloud-based product built specifically for healthcare, which is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. It aims at helping caregivers and patients build strong relationships in order to understand each other better, for both sides’ benefit, amid their collaboration.

This entire set of features makes the interactions smooth and enables personalized end-to-end patient experience by:

  • Comprehensive patient view with a complete profile, healthcare plans and clinical data, and an interactions overview between patients and caregivers.
  • Clinical data management with EHR, HL7 and other integrations like personalized clinical data modelling, etc.
  • Care team productivity tools with mobile components and Lightning Experience empowered by exhaustive task management and care customization, advanced patient segmentation, survey functionality, risks analysis and analytics options.

Salesforce Health Cloud: Mortal Combat and Reasons for Optimism?

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud, also called Einstein Analytics, is specifically designed to make smarter decisions faster by turning big data into actionable decisions while uncovering new insights. It delivers data analytics review via a built-in engine and offers a number of value-added features starting from exploring data and AI-powered recommendations, up to mobile-optimized and wide integration options ready to meet the needs of the conscientious users.

Salesforce Internet of Things

Salesforce IoT Cloud enables the connection of all the vital data in IoT, from any device, to the rest of Salesforce for real-time insights and interactions with customers; basically, that is connecting business to customers across every connected device. Salesforce IoT platform is designed to process the data volumes generated by devices, sensors and applications for actions for real-time responses.

What is specific about IoT Cloud is that it provides every capability to cater integrated and exhaustive insights for business users without engaging external technical or data experts.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is an unparalleled tool for building engaging communities that can help customers, partners and teams to unite and cooperate with the utmost efficiency. It utilizes Chatter, a Salesforce social CRM platform, for communications and sharing screens between customers and in real-time mode. Well-tailored Salesforce Community Cloud implementation can enable secure and efficient cooperation between several organizations.

Salesforce Community Chatter

Salesforce’s Chatter is a cloud-based social collaboration tool utilized by enterprises for secure internal cooperation, networking, and updates sharing, that functions as an intranet directory on the Salesforce.com platform. Employing broad integrations, Chatter allows for secure interactions between the company employees with comfort and flexibility. Chatter is available in desktop and mobile versions making it even more user-friendly and accessible.

Salesforce App Cloud

Salesforce App Cloud enables business users to create intuitive and highly secure customer-facing or employees apps, with the help of development instruments like Force.com, Heroku, Lightning, and App Exchange. The apps run on the Salesforce platform and are automatically connected to all the Salesforce data, and use APIs to connect with external data, which also enables security controls to handle the applications and permit users to delete, edit, view, or create only specific applications.

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Build your transformative apps in Salesforce for your business with our experts.

Salesforce Implementation Guide

Making your Salesforce implementation successful only requires a few steps. Some basic implementation rules include:

Thorough Planning

Define general goal for your business needs along with specific objectives. The integration of the Salesforce platform into your business will be the cornerstone of the implementation. You will have to prepare/educate your team and main stakeholders, define all the crucial estimates, choose the approach and prioritize implementation tasks.

Data Preparation

Data inventory, with specific goals for its future successful application should take place if you want your Salesforce system to operate as intended. Well-configured and customized Salesforce tools will have to align with your required business processes. During this, it is vital to maintain meticulous, efficient, and clear communication within the organization.

Salesforce Deployment and Data Transfer

Importing data into Salesforce in small batches allows for the identification of any issues and the ability to fix them. It’s important to get reviews from the stakeholders at every point during the process and to monitor the adoption outcomes (usage, data quality, and performance).

Updates and Improvements

The implementation processes will be reviewed in order to make sure your system performs as required. Adapting further improved functionality and more customization will help your business evolve and bring a better ROI.

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With a well-thought Salesforce implementation procedure we can help your organization create more opportunities, improve integrations, get real-time analytics to proactively engage with customers and satisfy their needs.

Salesforce Projects Audit

Salesforce Architecture Overview

Salesforce Architecture is a combination of two instances:

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Multi-Tenant Architecture implies that one common application serves and is shared by multiple clients making it cost- and effort- efficient. Its core features include:

  • A single instance of software serves multiple tenants.
  • Resources and maintenance are shared.
  • Data for all customers is stored in one database.
  • Simultaneous updates for all clients.
  • Sharing rules are enforced by Governor limits.

Metadata Architecture

Metadata Architecture applied by Salesforce as an extension of Governor limits, ensures better security and control over data stored. Metadata-driven development model allows software engineers to concentrate on application building, increasing their productivity.

Its distinctive features include:

  • Processes, assignment rules, sharing and security settings, Apex triggers, Visualforce pages.
  • Functionalities of the app are defined as metadata in the database.

Salesforce Development Company

As a Salesforce registered consulting partner, CoreValue has an extensive experience across a wide variety of Salesforce products and services:

Salesforce Setup and Configuration
Salesforce Custom Development
Salesforce Integration

Our expert team helps clients with efficient Salesforce services, like Salesforce consulting, integration, administration, AppExchange development, configuration, product development, customization, as well as, training and support, in order to deliver your solution with the utmost success.

Salesforce application development offerings by CoreValue include:

  • Migration to Salesforce CRM from legacy solutions.
  • Functionality enrichment for your current Salesforce CRM solution.
  • Workflow design, execution and automation services.
  • Comprehensive reporting solutions and dashboards for your business specific needs.
  • Force.com application development.
  • Customized Salesforce mobile Applications for better business productivity.
  • Design for APIs, canvas application, developing custom web, de-duplication, and others.
  • Custom AI-powered solutions and services with Einstein.

More about Salesforce Development and Implementation

Implement your next Salesforce project with the help of the CoreValue development team. Ask for a consultation.

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Salesforce Integration

The key value of Salesforce Integration lies in the fact that a well-tailored custom application becomes a powerful tool for real time performance and data analytics, that consequently can improve productivity of business processes and revenue growth. With expert development and Salesforce support services from CoreValue, you receive all the benefits of smooth integration without any extra complexities, so that you can concentrate on your core work competencies to deliver value to your customers.

CoreValue’s Salesforce application development team ensures that our clients enjoy a perfectly-fitted solutions and consulting, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation and migration, Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation and integration, and mobile app development services to maximize performance and management quality.

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Salesforce Development Solutions

Discover how Salesforce solutions help companies in their digital transformation.

SimpliField Boost Retail Salesforce Mobility

We were looking for a company that can become a real partner in our adventure and co-construct this next generation retail execution app. Someone who could offer in-depth expertise, help us develop a strategy, guide us in the complex architectural choices and be a trusted advisor in a long-term. And we were happy to have found this type of partnership with CoreValue

Johann Risser, Head of Alliances & Partnership

Status of Engagement


Team involved

5 people

Milrose Consultants© Salesforce Solution – a Case Study

After working with CoreValue for over four (4) years now, we have found the collaboration to be a very positive experience. Their team is always knowledgeable and professional, and their services, especially in the areas of development and Q.A., have allowed us to utilize the latest technologies to totally transform our business.

Allan Fraser, Director of Information Technology, Milrose Consultants

Invested Amount

$1.5 million

Status of Engagement

2013 − ongoing

Team involved

18 people at peak times

Mondo Collaborative Partnership With CoreValue

We’ve partnered with CoreValue for nearly a decade. As our organization has scaled, so has our delegation and variety of work to them. Having their managed service at hand has enabled strong tech advancements in every department, which has propelled us forward against our competitors. Without them, it would be impossible to achieve the innovation we have implemented. We have never come across even a single scenario where our CoreValue partners were unable to come to our aid and help us to find a solution.

Gianna Scorsone, SVP, Marketing and Sales Operations – Mondo

Status of Engagement

2008 − ongoing

Team involved

8 people

Extending Salesforce Marketing
Cloud Functionalities – a Case Study

CoreValue built a web plugin within the Marketing Cloud environment to extend Marketing Cloud’s functionality. In order to accelerate the routine marketing and sales processes, our solution enables the user to choose custom options automatically.

Status of engagement

2017 - now

Team involved

7 people

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